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Dorm at School or Commute?

Students going to school in-state are faced with a decision of whether they should dorm or commute to school. Heres some pros ad cons of both.

Dorming Pros-

Live in a social environment with people your own age.

More opportunities to make friends.

Living away from your parents.

Living on campus near classrooms and being able to wake up minutes before class.

Dorming Cons-

Extra cost of dorming added on to tuition.

May get stuck with a roommate you don't like.

Social enviroment may impact ability to do schoolwork.


Study Finds Many College Students are Stressed Out and Depressed

A recent study for mtvU and The Associated Press finds many college students are stressed about everything ranging from tests to even vacations. Many of the students polled say they have had trouble sleeping, concentrating, finding motivation, agitated or worried to work. Here's how US college students did on the stress test:

4 out of 10 college students expeirence stress often. 1 out of 5 feel it all or most of the time. The sources of this stress can largely be attributed to school work, financial problems, relationships and dating, family problems and juggling extracurricular activities.
45% of women report they face pressure often versus 34% of men facing pressure. 25% of students studies admitted they should cut down on their drinking. 33% say they use drugs or alcohol to relax or cope with stress.

55% of women say dating and relationships issues have a major impact on their daily lives versus 45% of men.

15% worry about being pressured into drinking too much on spring break.

1 in 5 say they were too stressed to do schoolwork or be with freinds.

1 in 5 said things have been so stressful they considered dropping out of college.

1/3 reported feeling lonely.

1 in 6 say they have freinds who have mentioned suicide and 1 in 10 say they have had suicidal thoughts themselves.

13% say they have been diagnosed with a mental health condition (depression or anxiety disorders)

26% have considered speaking to a counselor or seeking professional help.

Thankfully, 1/2 said they feel understood by their families and 60% said they are generally enjoy their life.

How the test was conducted

40 randomly chosen undergraduate schools were picked across the nation and
2,253 students ranging in age from 18-24 responded to the forms.

Why so much stress on America's college campuses?

College is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable time of someone's life but it's turning into one of the most stressful for many. So what gives?

Deciding what career path they want to pursue and pressure from parents, advisor's, friends and themselves. Read more


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Selecting A College to Attend

Selecting a college has always been a very big decision for students evaluating their options. Today there are even more choices than ever and some dangers along the way. Not only are students faced with choices of the traditional classroom, but also the virtual campuses that have became a popular contender over the past several years. There are several factors involved in choosing the correct school and much of the decision is based on academic performance. For some lucky students that have achieved greatly the acceptance letters will be stacked up before they ever walk their high school graduation stage, but for the rest, they are faced with walking the tight rope of deciding which college.

College Entrance Testing

All colleges have guidelines for acceptance to the University and then many of the departments have other requirements. When applying to a university it is important to understand that most colleges require a college entrance examination such as the ACT or SAT with a passing score. Most require an essay detailing your goals and educational plans over the next couple of years. Considering the specific department that you are looking to enter into will determine the requirements of college entrance. Many departments such as the Nursing departments or Psychology department have strict guidelines requiring your entrance testing and previous GPA to tally to a certain level before you will be considered. That is the reason that it is highly important that you plan for the college entrance tests and study to prevent a declination letter. Choosing a college is not only about the entrance guidelines, but it can prevent you from entering if you have not scored well or performed poorly in high school.

Field of Knowledge

Having a basic idea of what career field that you want to study is another good way to determine which college is right for you. Not every college offers the type of degree that you may be looking for so it is important to research before applying. Most universities have websites that give a detailed list of degrees offered and the time line in which most students complete the program. If you are looking for a nursing program, you would want to make sure that the university that you are looking at offers a nursing program. Be careful with entering one college to get basics, believing that all the classes will transfer to the next university. In many cases, the credits will not transfer and then you are stuck with credits that are worthless.

Close to Home vs Out of State

One of the biggest decisions for most students is whether to attend a local college or move away for a college education. Much of this decision is based on the financial resources that the student and/or parent have. Most parents advocate that their students remain close to home to defray living expenses. Other costs besides living arrangements that are sometimes pricey include out of state tuition. Another concern that students face when moving off to college is the lack of family support and contending with roommates in the dorm situation. College is stressful enough and can sometimes cause a lack of interest or study habits when faced with dorm mate problems. Of course, the cost of attendance is much less if the student remains in the parent's home. Most colleges require that if the student is not within living distance of the parents that they live on campus for the first two years of attendance. Again depending on the financial situation this can prove costly. Read more.


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Finding the College of Your Choice

Applying for college is an intimidating task for any student. Unlike high school, where classes and curriculum are relatively simple and straightforward, college attendance is a drastic and often frightening change for both parents and students. The first step is to start discussions with high school counselors and teachers. Is there a particular field of interest? Those already in the academic world will likely have beneficial advice and recommendations that make this process easier.

It's always a good idea for any potential student to visit their campus of choice prior to applying. Not only will you see the student body as it will be when you attend, you will meet advisers, faculty, and develop a better idea of the facility's layout. Ask many questions and find the answers to your questions. This saves you from applying to a facility that might not be what you assume. Read more.
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